For over 12 years, I've been creating impactful web experiences. I've worked across several different industries, including ecommerce, real estate, and global financial technology.

After collaborating on countless projects with some of the smartest engineers, I believe that there’s always something new to learn. Each project brings unique challenges and opportunities to try new things and above all else, deliver enjoyable user experiences one pixel at a time.


During the Covid pandemic, I started writing a developer blog. I’m often tinkering with UI interactions, animation, and reverse-engineering things I find across the web, so it's been a way to share the things I learn. Check it out!


For the past several years, I've been working primarily with Javascript and other modern frontend technology to deliver performant, scalable web applications.

I also have a lot of experience building static sites using the JAMstack. You’re reading one right now!



If you’d like to network or team up on a project, feel free to connect on LinkedIn or send me an email.